Tuesday, 7 March 2017

4 Months Break


I thought I was able to update this post very soon which was in the following days after my previous update but it turned out that I wasn't able to do so. I'm going to share about what I've been doing during the 4 months break. My parents didn't allow me to work so I only did typical boring things tbh. These are not an interesting update, but let me just share these here as my personal memories.

Things I've been doing :

Sleeping for hours
I told my mom that I wanted to pay off my sleep debt due to my sleepless nights over two and a half years period of burning the midnight oil. Haha. I would like to catch up my sleep and have complete rest for a month before started working or bibik-ing. But it ended up....... you guess! I thought a month would be enough for me to recover from terrible student life I had. Cliche excuse isn't it?

I am not a paid babysitter but at least I had an experience of babysitting my own nephew. He is so adorable! I had a very fun month babysit him. He indirectly gave me positive vibes. I woke up watching him playing with toys and smiling, laughing and crying. Even crying made him look adorable. Oh pure baby! His parents were here too, but since we were there to babysit Furqan, they finally got time to date for few hours and my sis even went to a girls day out with her schoolmates too. Wow. We did a great job right?

I was way more active fangirling over all my bias and other k-pop idols compared to my previous SPM break. But seriously, I'm still not a fanatic one. I haven't reached obsessed level yet. Haha. I signed up for Vlive using Naver account and everything started from that. I reached level 1 to level 6 real quick. There's only one level left for me to become top followers but the timing ain't help much. I need to focus on degree life rn so I gotta stop fangirling for a while. Variety shows, talk shows, music shows.. I enjoyed watching them and I'm so glad I only got eyes on BTS J-hope all this time. I'm not going to change my bias in the nearest time. Uhh he's so precious!

Things I've been regretting of not doing :

Hanging out with friends
It's not that I don't appreciate my friends but uh, how to say this? I'm an introvert. I was so obsessed with 'me time' and I felt like I wanted privacy all the time. I prefer being alone, staying in my room and do what I want. Even when my parents asked me to follow them to mall, I said no, i'm not going. Well, I'm obviously the second child among siblings. I only hung out with my jimba-mate (my favourite companion as always) and some of my friends which I haven't seen for a long time. Our last meet up was before entering diploma. There's a lot of things to share about. How time flies..

Learn cooking
This one. Ahh. I love cooking. But I don't like someone to instruct me all the time. My mom, guys. She always says, "you need to put this", "wear your apron before doing anything in the kitchen", "do it like this like that", etc. Maaa I know everything. You do not need to tell me every single thing. Haha. Sometimes those words kill my mood tau. But seriously, I enjoy cooking whenever they are not at home. Hee. I wanted to register for cooking class but abah insisted. He wanted me to learn from mama je.

I often read book reviews from fellow bloggers. I just realized that there are actually a lot of Malaysians who are into reading nowadays. Proud! However, I was not into physical books nor online novels during these 4 months break. My own novel pun terbengkalai not even halfway through and I can't help it. I realized that my enthusiasm to read novels or cerpen only comes whenever final exam is around the corner. Haha.

So guys.. If you get to have 4 months break, what are things that you'll be doing? Do comments ☺


  1. Banyak aktiviti nak buat kan bila cuti... memang bagus, habiskan masa dengan perkara yang bakal meninggalkan kenangan yang manis terutamanya bersama kawan-kawan...

  2. best kan bila cuti panjang, mostly benda yg kte buat dulu bila cuti panjang tidur, layan drama dan update pasal kpop. skrang dah malas nak amik kisah pasal kpop..hahaha

  3. Hi there, Salam perkenalan! new to your blog here, and datang2 je dengar lagu BTS! Hee, fellow Army rupanya. :)

    ieyra h. | blog

  4. I've always thought that I would spend my semester break hanging out with my friends etc but I always ended up sleeping for hours and enjoyed doing nothing back then.