Saturday, 29 April 2017

First impression on degree life

Assalamualaikum ☺

Hi fellow bloggers! I'm finally making an update after a month. Honestly, there were so many things that stopped and kept on distracting me to make a new update everytime I was trying to do so. Thankfully, I can finally steal some leisure time today since I am currently having my mid sem break.

Degree life? Quite challenging. If my previous diploma journey was full of challenges of becoming a leader and also friendship problems, but this time urghhh everything is so tah apa apa and tak menyabar. I think these two phrases would be relevant enough to justify all my thoughts regarding my first impression on degree life.

I'm already in my 8th week for this semester, if I am not mistaken. Various things happened in various ways. One thing's for sure, everything happened so fast. Real quick tho. It was never in my plan to involve in something this early and of course, when that happened I didn't deal very well with it. I've tried my best anyways. This is just the first semester. And.. I've been sighing a lot. I really can't tell you guys the specific emotions but I am a bit frustrated with myself.

All subjects are fun I tell you. I think I've made a wise decision choosing HR as my current course. However, there are loads of assignments which need to be completed as soon as possible and at the same time I need to be prepared with everyday tests after this mid sem break. Ohh how to survive?!

I am a multi tasker before but I can never be an amateur at time management. I know there are a lot of people out there who have extremely busier life than me. I know I still can get rid of these loads and completed everything within the given time. Pray for me!

We still haven't known each other that long but we already attended a dinner and even made a performance together. Lol.
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  1. degree life memang mencabar.. gudluck :)

  2. jom join GA ni. Dapat gambar polaroid free free je.

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