Thursday, 24 November 2016

31 Days Blogging Challenge

Hi everyone :) I'm making a comeback to blogging world after taking lengthily absence from blogging and I've decided to join this "31 Days Blogging Challenge" on December. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask (mention your questions in the comment space). I would be happy to answer any questions you ask in each of my post in my blog this December! It doesn't matter whether we already know each other or we have never met in person. It's all depends on your sincerity to get to know me better. Height, weight, those fav things, etc. Any relevant questions will be considered. Thank you in advanced :)

I open this to any blogger out there too so we can do daily updates together yayy


  1. 1.story behind your URL/Why you chose your URL

    2.experience that you will never forget

    3.something that bother/upset/annoys you

    Is that enough? Hahaha

    1. more than enough :) thank you so much for asking!

  2. hi there! :) here's some for you

    - what/ who inspires you to blog?
    - what are your blogging essentials?
    - where do you see your blog after 5 years time?

    Lenne Zulkiflly

  3. hmmmm i want to know about yourself..hihi
    - 5 facts about you
    - your favourite things

    gudluck for your blog challenge :)

  4. hi...

    just wanna know why you start blogging?

  5. hello, since the blog's song are from 3 members of Exo, i would like to ask you :

    1) Are you an Exo-L ? -If yes, continue with the second question-
    2) Then, who is your ultimate bias in Exo {mana tau sama, bole fangirling hihi}

    Sorry,ter-kpop pulaks :) But, it's up to you to answer it or not. Have fun !

    1. I'm not so fanatic over exo but I love them :) Nnt I update pasal ni okay? hehe dont worry I am always excited on fangirling :D

  6. hi there!
    here are few questions
    1. what is your favourite movie?
    2. things that make you happy
    3. places you want to visit

    good luck dear!

  7. The places you really want to go!

  8. Cool challenge! x

  9. About me.
    I want to know who you are