Friday, 11 November 2016


Assalamualaikum. Hello everyone :)

Finally this is the perfect time for me to make a comeback to a blogging world. Yay!

So waddup?

I know If I do not do weekly updates, there's no reason for people to visit. But, is there anybody out there who read my posts? Heh.

I finally graduated guys. About 3 weeks++? Unofficially graduated. Because the result for my final semester doesn't come out yet and I am so nervous because yea, who doesn't want to graduate on time righttt? I completed my diploma and I'm not lying, 2 years and a half was full of laughter, pain and also tears. I cried so much. Especially during my third and fourth semester. Because it was so hard to face problems mostly consist of emotional problems which lead to depression. I have to admit that it nearly affected my studies guys. Beware! I warned you.

Instead of talking about those emotional stuffs, let's just talk about experiences I had throughout my journey as a Diploma student. Overall, my decision to choose Diploma instead of Matriculation was indeed a wise decision. I'm not saying that Matriculation is not a good place to study. NO! It is just me, a typical student who easily give up on her studies and desperately need to complete her 2 and a half years studies without having interest on it. Yes exactly, that typical student is ME :) 

Fyi, I'm an accounting student and the reason I choose accountancy is because I reaaalllyyyyy love accountancy, like wholeheartedly love accountancy, it is my passion, and I thought that I should not waste the only chance I had since I already have basic in it. But at last.....

One thing that I learn throughout the journey that I need to highlight here is all about interest & passion vs skill & abilities. You know what? Actually, it does not always true that interest and passion can keep us struggle on sth. It might be true to certain people who are trained to acknowledge their passion at first place and struggle towards it no matter what but let me tell you.. To people out there who sucks at struggling, you cannot lie to yourself. Everyone can be excellent in certain areas but you need to find sth that suits you which can finally satisfy you one day. I believe that I cannot force myself to like sth I do not like. I cannot push my effort on sth I do not prefer because I think my endeavour is just not worth it for that area and I need to think of other ways to make it satisying. I always be positive and believe that Allah has showed me that I'm good in this area but I can actually be excellent in other areas. Allah has given me a chance to reflect myself so that I won't regret in the future. Allah knows the best, thats it.

What about skill and abilities? What do you guys think?
One thing that scared me the most is I still cannot acknowledge what area that I have most abilities in it. I'm still confused. But based on my experience, I used to be confused also during my secondary school whether to choose science stream or accountancy. 40 of us got straight A's for PMR and 38 of them chose science stream, 1 chose IT and me... the most confusing girl in this world chose accountancy because I know, I do not have that abilities or expertise in such scientific studies since birth.... i guess. Haha. This is the truth guys I cannot lie. I prefer calculation and whatsoever related to global issues like economics or sth like that. If you do have skill and abilities in particular area and then you add it with your struggle you can slowly have interest towards it. 

It is good if you have both passion and skills. That's great. Remember, this is just my opinion. Some people will not agree to this, I know. Because I'm not included in that sort of people that's why I publish this post. Who knows there are at least few persons out there who actually experience the same thing with me.. 

I've submitted the application on degree courses and I pray that Allah rewards me with the course that will satisfy me in the future. I did not put accountancy in the options because I know I can do better in other course. InshaAllah. Please pray the best for me :) I also want to become excellent in particular area, along with struggles, passion and also abilities.

Last day of my Diploma. MKT243 - Introduction to Marketing.
(My big pencil case a.k.a Doraemon's pocket. Yea i got everything I need in it)

This is how we end our 2 and a half years of Diploma :)
(Frenzy Waterpark, Marina Island Lumut Perak)


  1. Congratulations dah tamat belajar :D

  2. hi there.. dont worry. Allah always there for you. Apa-apa pun minta jalan agar dipermudahkan segalanya dalam bidang apa pun yang adik ceburi. trust me. Also dont forget to put an effort also berkat from mak ayah is very important. Wish u good luck. Fighting!!

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting :) InshaAllah, I'll try my best. Betul tu, berkat mak ayah mmg keutamaan in making any decision..

  3. Amin. Allah is the best planner. Pray for the best for yourself :D

  4. Congrats Ziera! All the best for your future girl ;)

    1. Alhamdulillah.. InshaAllah awak :D tqsm for dropping hereee