Monday, 9 May 2016


"Milk or Yogurt?"

"Brown or Pink?"

"Flat or Heels?"

"Western or Traditional?"

"Sleep or Late Night Movies"

Everyone! Life exists because Allah gives us chances to make choices. He gives us many options in this everyday life that we are living for us to make choices. However, making choice is somewhat annoying because it is too confusing. We can only predict whether the outcomes will be good or bad. We can only think rationally about what will happen after we have made the choices. We can only judge by looking at the choices we made repeatedly. But Allah knows everything very well. Dia Maha Mengetahui :)

Whether the chosen choices are good or bad, that does not matter because what matter the most is everything happen for reasons. Pepatah Islam sering mengatakan bahawa Allah menjanjikan sesuatu perkara itu berlaku kerana pasti akan hikmahnya. So, if the chosen choice is a good thing, say Alhamdulillah. Allah rewards you something good. It is your rezeki to accept such reward. However, if you choose a bad choice or the outcomes are not satisfying, you cannot deny the rezeki from Allah. Allah might want you to open your eyes and take a look at your surrounding. What have you done from the first day you are born in this world to show that you appreciate all the rezeki He gave you? Let's say, an example of a typical student. They forget this concept called tawakal even with the slightest mistakes they did on their examination. 

Okay guys. Take a chill pill and think rationally. If Allah stops your Rezeki for awhile, maybe he wants you to be bless with what you already have. Do not get upset when someone near you be successful and have higher position or whatever rezeki they have. Sabar, because this is the key point of everyone's life. Sebab tu, setiap perkara yang berlaku itu ada hikmahnya. Maybe it is not a good time for you to receive those nikmat from Allah because who knows you might forget the one up there when you are too busy with those rezeki? Allah has such perfect timing. He knows where and when He shall give His nikmat to us, His ummah.

Rezeki, is somehow a challenge. Yes, a challenge. A challenge for us to stay religious to Him. A challenge for us whether we can stand with Islamic way of life after being successful. Istidraj? A situation where people keep on getting bless with rewards and success but unfortunately, those people have never make Islam as their life direction. It is actually throwing them into disaster. They have the rezeki but never appreciate that. They do not remember the one who gives them those success. Astaghfirullah. May Allah protect us from istidraj, sins and evil temptations.

You have the chance to make a choice in your life. Try to choose rationally. Think about the good and bad. The pros and cons. The most important thing is, whatever choice that you have to make.. always put Allah first as the priority in your life. Never hesitate to put Allah first in everything we do because Allah loves those who loves him unconditionally. Read Al-Quran everyday because that is your direction. Istikharah to make you feel confident with your choices. InshaAllah, you can think of a good choice and inshaAllah, Allah will reward you with brighter future. Janji Allah itu pasti. 


  1. I support to read Quran everyday. I feel recharge after reading it at night

    1. That's because Allah has made Al Quran as our healing treatment :)