Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Difficult time in life #31DaysBloggingChallenge

Broken friendship is somewhat unbearable. You know how difficult it is when it cannot be fix. At the end, goodbye means everything.


Sometimes, honesty becomes a word that kills friendship.
You know why?
Because your emotion kills you and damages your friendship.
What kind of emotions?
Emotion which makes you pushes friends away more than any other.
Real honesty is sth you combined with real peacemaking.
However, people tend to avoid peacemaking and act the other way round and... I believe this is your definition of friendship?

I may not be a good friend to you, but I pray to Allah..
May everyday, every single minute, every seconds.. You would open your hearts to forgive and forget.
And I would like to beg your understanding..
Try to be in my shoes at least once..
Once is enough..
Then you'll understand,
Something I can't explain with words nor eyes..
But with hearts.
Eyes may not seem,
Ears may not heard,
Because heart knows everything you cannot see and hear.


  1. in friendship we need to be honest..honesty only kills the insincere friend...

    1. In some ways we need to thank honesty for showing us the truth. We need to keep the friendship real to make it last long :)