Monday, 19 December 2016

What does PERSIDA meant to you #31DaysBloggingChallenge

A cure to my sickness

Whenever I feel sick, I couldn't hold the pain, I feel very exhausted for constantly being sick;
they are the people who treat me more than a doctor treat his patients. They take good care of me and ease everything for me. They are the heal to my pain. They show me the strength. They remove everything that hurts me even if a thorn pricks me and even to that degree. 

A joy to my sadness

Whenever I feel like bursting into tears, they are the spirits who come and tell me that I did well. It hurts me that sometimes I have to cry for no reason but they are the people who would never blame me for what I've done. I got so much hatred for not being concern with my surrounding but they are the people who convince me that I can live so much better with such hatred.

A peace to my suffers

Whenever I feel like giving up because I couldn't bear to study without passion for years, they are the source of happiness. They are the people who cheer me up with their laughter. They are the people who bring inner strength for me to continue struggling. They fill my tough times with peace to get me back on track. 

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