Sunday, 18 December 2016

Thoughts on education #31DaysBloggingChallenge

The exact question is
"what is your motivation bila down study and apa you akan buat as improvement for your study?"


My number one motivation and also motivator in my whole life is my mom. I view mama as the best source of motivation and spirits whenever there's difficulties or hard life. She is my backbone, my main supporter and my cute cheerleader. Whenever I feel very stressful that I feel like giving up because it's too tough for me to handle alone, she is the one who will gently persuade me to get back on track with her positive words. My truest friend I have, mama ☺

Talking about improvement, that word actually indicates how tough my journey as a student who loves to lazing around instead of studying. Hiks. As far as I can see, I've succeeded in making improvement in my studies during my school days but not during my college days. However, when I tried so hard at school I realized that I didn't put so much effort on my self improvement. There's a lot to improve.

During college days, my studies is sth that can't be proud of to be compared to my school days. I didn't study bagai nak rak back then because I was so happy being in the comfort zone. In some way, I feel like my inner strength as an individual who lack of skills has improved a lot. Although I was feeling uneasy with my current improvement, from someone who is kinda soft and shy to someone who has abilities to shout here and there but I am happy with this new me. That was a development tho. I call that as a development 😁

I am not a person who can study in a group. Since school. I prefer study alone and focus in class. I'd rather asking teachers right away instead of seeking answers from my friends and classmates. I was like that. At college, I was still the same. I can't be focus in study group. They are all fast-learner. I knew that I need to put double effort for that but I just can't. I can't help it. We worked together as a team but they ended up doing almost everything. You know, critical thinking is so mean that I feel like the solutions are sometimes nonsense. A pro could do well. They are the pros. I decided to do the task on my own.. with the help of them but not in a group. We were still group members but the task was being divided so I asked them in different timing, at different place and different questions. Haha. That was better. I can't say that I improved a lot but I think I understood better in that way.

If I could turn back time, I'm going to be more focus in class and and work hard on studies while being active in society. But everything has been decided by Allah. I redha and also realized I am being re-directed to a better future.

During college days I had this feeling that everybody around me who keeps on struggling on their studies are the disturbance to my revision period. I have this 'not-so-sickness' which is kinda weird and even worse than morning sickness; unbearable eyes. When I see someone struggling so hard like eating the books I'll close my books and stop my revision. I'll do sth I am not supposed to do like going out from my room and enjoy the wind outside, scrolling Instagram, Twitter or sometimes I just go to bed that early. So yea, because of this not-so-sickness, I went to library almost everyday and sit at the end corner of library alone. My way of doing improvement was like this. I avoid anything that will disturb my revision period. Ain't easy guys!

You guys understand yourselves very well. The first thing to do before doing revision is to learn on the situation/condition that you guys feel most comfortable to study. I hope these help ☻

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