Saturday, 17 December 2016

"Loves yourselves before you love others" #31DaysBloggingChallenge

Everything seems perfect when you fell in love. Both sides have the feeling of protecting and be concern with each other. Like a lovebirds fly next to each other. They care nothing about their surrounding; they only know their way of making love.

Lately I've heard a lot of news regarding couples and most of them are pretty disappointing. News anyways. News never gonna face such bankruptcy if you all understand what I meant. Everything is going viral in this era. Sadly, teenagers are facing those disappointing moments which they assume as 'love'. This is what we called as Puppy Love Issues. Aiyee, what did they do wrong? They're just teenagers :(

Teenagers. Been there. So many teens were drawn to the puppy love story including myself. Ahaks. It's not that puppy love will not last long. No. There are many people out there who married to their puppy love. We can always expect sth to be real but everything was meant to be if Allah wills it.. However, expectations might end up giving you disappointment.

Don't love too much. Don't hope too much. Don't trust too much. Because that 'too much' will hurt you so much. I couldn't agree more. To ladies especially, please remember that YOLO! Make sure to achieve your dreams first and grab the chance to pursue your dreams to a higher level perhaps until you can't be more satisfied with your achievements. I don't blame people who had early marriage that they can't achieve what they want but somehow it is known like that.

Why are you volunteering yourself to limit your success in the future if you still got a chance to do great in years ahead? Is that your kind of love definition in your life dictionary? Love does need sacrifices but if both really understands the meaning of sacrifices in love itself, they will surely think rationally about their future. Love yourself first if you want your future partner to be happy with your marriage later.

Are you hoping too much that you are so afraid of losing? Does marriage help to end your insecurities? No! Your immature thinking would probably harm you later. Why should you be so scared of losing her/him if both of you have decided to stay together? Loves means nothing if you say that. You are having trust issues, not loves. What about trust? Don't you trust each other? Then why bother about time? Everybody already been set their soulmate by Allah. If you hook up to Him, He will hook you up.

Can't you imagine yourself becoming a well-known person with great personality, rich and educated? Who doesn't want to be like that? If you work hard, you'll achieve these and you could repay back all sacrifices and kindness to both of your parents. Yes, they want you to be happy with a marriage and have own family but can't you see deep in their heart they are hoping for your success before getting into new stage of life called marriage.

I believe that as you love yourselves, you will automatically feel the need of success and achievements. Put those as priority. Partner will be next next priority because you guys will never know when will the 'tied-the-knot' day comes. After marriage, your partner, family is your top priority. Work hard to maintain your marriage. Fall in love everyday. Enjoy the success you gained before. Be proud of your success and tell your kids how you guys made it and end with a marriage. Continue to have achieve your dreams together after becoming married couple and enjoy this new stage of life ☺

Love yourself because no one is going to love you like you do!

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