Friday, 16 December 2016

How I control or manage my anger #31DaysBloggingChallenge

When we talk about anger, I'm totally sure that everyone of us must feel something unpleasant with the word 'anger' itself. Do you ever wonder how yourself becomes so angry in certain situations? There must be reasons behind it. I heard that some people are mad at something with zero awareness about what's going on with the exact situation. They can also be mad until they act like they lost their mind and become lost control like having a burning fire in their soul. 

Before I decided to update this post, I did few research to make sure this post is within the track which is far from nonsense. The most popular keyword I've found was 'emotions'. What's so wrong  and what's so right with that words? Based on Google, emotions is a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. Nahh! Anger is emotions. Emotions that come from our mix feelings whether from sadness, disappointment, fear and even pitiful.

As for me, I don't think I have a problem with anger. I'm not trying to put myself on airs or whuttt but I do believe that I am not that kind of person who easily be mad at certain things. But once I get mad, I would probably speak my mind straightforwardly and then cried. Hiks! I can't remember well what was the situation that made me so angry before but seems like it happened during school days. I was so mad at few people who tried to step over my head just because I was being so nice to them. However, I did nothing but keep it to myself. I was like that back then. I don't have courage to voice out my dissatisfaction. Trust me, it was such a long term anger!

The first thing I would like to highlight here is hold on. Hold on a little longer. You'll survive soon! Endure the pain until you are able to forget it. Hide the pain and don't let it burst. You have to at least give a try not to hurt others because of your anger. I do believe that people who try to cheer everyone else by not letting others down are the people who win at life. You guys succeeded at bringing them down in silent. Good job if you guys done this!

If you guys are an optimistic, this is a benefit because you might take long time before voicing out your anger. Be optimistic because an optimistic is a person who think before they speak. Make sure not to have any regrets after telling the truth or something straightforward that might hurt others. This is what an optimistic person do. I'm not an optimistic tho but I tried to be one. I'm trying all the time. Based on my experience, it took me around 4 to 5 days to really make up my mind whether to stay silent or to show my anger. I ended up getting mad while crying. All my thoughts in mind were like tornado at that time.

Take a me time. Me time is essential to let you have a review on yourselves, flashback what have you done, what need to be done and most importantly is to relax your mind. Some people tend to be very brave to voice out their opinions and thoughts or dissatisfaction about something. They believe in the needs of expressing those things to make things clear and better. However, this kind of people who can't manage their anger well seriously need to have me time to gain calmness before expressing their anger. Grant yourself a short break and then settle it down in a proper way ☺

Instead of being mad and voice out your anger in social websites, you should express it face to face. Nowadays, our emotion leads to relationship break ups, destroying friendship and even family bonds. People play with emotions very well! When you express your anger face to face, you will more likely feel the need of staying calm and the truth will be revealed. Then, everything is going to be settled there. Imagine when you express your anger by tweeting in Twitter, make it as captions in Instagram or Facebook. Those aren't helping yet making it worse. There will be an awkwardness between you guys and you will know what happen next. My friends done this and we still are not in a good relationship right now. It has been almost a year my dear friend. Idk what to do anymore. Everything seems so complicated when you decided to use social websites as middle person.

The easiest way to manage your anger is to stay away from those who always make things difficult for you which may lead you to another dangerous stage.. yes, anger! Sometimes people just don't understand how hard it is for us to bear with their attitudes and their harsh words. I can't handle these type of person so I just let them continue their spicy life while I build my own fantasy world and then live a happy life! Yay! I will never let myself  live in bitterness. Never. I would prefer myself praying to Allah to have many positive persons surrounds me with happiness rather than continuously being hurt by them.

These are my opinions based on my own experience. Typically, these are the ways people being taught the most. School children, teenagers, young adults.. Everyone needs to be aware of anger. Remember! Anger relates to emotions and emotions are easily being swayed by your mood. Behave in everything you do. I've always follow the first way which is to keep it to myself. Once I let it burst, you may get shocked to see a different person in front of you. Haha. Don't let your emotions overwhelm your personality guys 😆

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