Thursday, 15 December 2016

Who is "Aina Zafirah Mohd Zulkifli" to me #31DaysBloggingChallenge

Friends are people whom we trust a lot and the source of spirit during ups and downs after family. They are one of the greatest person in need in everyone's life. A real friend works as a person who teach us how cruel the world is and also how enjoyable this life is if you choose the wise life direction. That's what you did!

When I first met you, it was at Annex Building on the last day of MDS. I am forcing myself to remember who started the conversation first as I'm typing this but still, I couldn't remember at all. I thought it was me. I was shocked to know that you were the same course as me because you probably know how hard it was to find course mates there since most of the freshie were art students. My first impression towards you would be someone who is quiet, untalkative and loves to study. Indeed, that's so true. You are putting so much effort on studies. However, quiet and untalkative do not suits your personality after knowing you all this while. It's not that you are a loud person. You are just not fond in communicating with someone you don't know.

Since the day we met, I have always thought that you are a person who have such strong personality and nobody can deny that. At first, I had a trouble on becoming a close friend to you because it seems like our personality did not match well. You were somewhat firm? Idk how to describe it but it was sth like that.

As days go by, I realized that both of us need to struggle on making this friendship better. We had to matchy matchy our personality so that everything would be so well. Alhamdulillah, we ate together, stayed in the library together, went back to college together, did assignment or group project together and also sleep in the same room together sometimes. Everything we did clearly helped our friendship to become better from time to time.

As a good friend of mine, I couldn't be more grateful and bless for having a chance to know you and be friend with you. With so much help you gave me, whether it is physically or mentally I thank you so much for those helps and only Allah can repay those to you. You are so good at everything and what I envy the most is the determination you have to always become a proud daughter and sister to your family. Despite your strong personality, you also have that sensitive side which make me feel like you need to expose your sadness to others too. It seems like your sadness have been made blind to others. 

Like what I've been always said to you and others, we might not meet again but trust me, I will never be able to forget our moments together for the two and a half years. Thank you for the help, advices, understanding, and cares you give me. Let's just not forget each other and keep in touch! And please, do not fall in love with my bias. Hiks. Saranghae!

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