Saturday, 3 December 2016

Why do I blog? #31DaysBloggingChallenge

Everyone knows blog is the platform to voice out ideas, thoughts and feelings. This is my first main reason why I start blogging.  Years back, I like to keep personal diary when I was in primary school. However, it was not easy to keep it from others, especially mama because she tidy up my room every morning and she might find the diary. Up until now, I never know whether my parents or siblings have read my diary or not. But if they read, that was so embarrassing.

I have always had this issue that I am so uncomfortable opening up about my feelings. I can never say NO even if I am able to say so. I can never deny what I should have denied. It is odd to say my opinion when others are not listening. They are not concentrating on me whenever I voice out my opinions or inner feelings. I am so hurt inside. And the only way for me to move on from being hurt is to write in my blog to satisfy myself. But that does not last long. I am taking a long time learning on how to express feelings in public. I think I improved a lot. I'm in the leader position now. People are focusing on me whenever I speak. Learning takes time, isn't it? Thank you blogging for making it real. I learn everything from you, my own writing as I read back all the hurts I had and I think of any better ways to heal and overcome them.

After two to three years experienced in blogging, I start to acknowledge how blogging benefits people in education and arts. I often get praised for best essay and vocabulary in writing. People ask me how can I be so consistent in writing good essays during school days and also quick at doing research and obtained exact information needed? I am not trying to be proud with myself. I'm telling the truth. Arts? I've been editing my own blog in numerous times but I'm using this simple layout at the age of 20 after 5 years being a blogger (I haven't meet the criteria on layout that suits me the best, that's why I use this one for the time being)

I believe that everyone agrees when I say, blogging help people gaining knowledge and understanding. The impact of blogging on Internet ease the lives of billions of people. All the information required which are mostly written by professionals & educated people can be obtained at our fingertips. How can I not be interested on blogging, people? If I have a chance to write about professional topics or great information, I would love to! (It requires high knowledge tho) But for now, I would just blog to express my inner feelings and focusing on this 31 Days Blogging Challenge. Hiks.

I have more passion on writing compared to speaking or debating about certain topics in front of people. In my opinion, writing doesn't need skills and too much protocol because as a writer, we have our own individual ways to express our writing. Meanwhile, speaking or debating needs particular skills to convince people on our opinions. I'm not saying that it is hard for us to convince others by writing. No. Even studying requires us to believe what the content are saying about. Right? I'm telling you guys about the basic requirements. Writing basically includes places, various situations, mind and sight rather than skills. I'm a person who start with the basic I got in myself and I struggle on skills. I need both.. To live a happy and professional life ☺


  1. I read all of your 31 Challenge hahaha.. I really love it. I had put your blog in my bloglist.

    1. Wow seriously? I'm touched :)) Thank you so much. Keep visiting here again~