Sunday, 4 December 2016

Story behind URL #31DaysBloggingChallenge


The secrets has no longer been a secret once I revealed them to others. But i don't like my secrets being revealed just like that. I want all my secrets to be revealed in a dramatic and melodic way, like the fallen leaves dropping naturally to the ground.

Moreover, the falling of leaves does more than to mark the season. It helps the trees to survive, the cold, dry air of winter. Same goes to my secrets. They does nothing but heals me inside. I can say that revealing my personal preference, feelings and thoughts here makes me feel good another way. I feel like all my writings are able to transform me into a better person. One of the ways I learn to struggle in a tough situation is with my own writing☻

I still remember that my first blog URL was I used to be a fan of Nubhan AF6 and childishly combined our name as URL. Lol. And my previous blog has a word 'violette' in the link but I can't remember its full link. I was so naive back then, deleted my blog without further thinking and lost my followers after so looonggg. Nevermind. This new blog gives new feels and aura. Maturity too!