Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogging essentials #31DaysBloggingChallenge

As you all can see, my blog is one of the simplest and unattractive blog among bloggers. I admit it, really. Actually, I did few editing before, and full editing in my previous blog but one day, I was trying to change the look of my blog to get new feels and to show the other side of me but I don't have time for it. I changed it in the middle of mid sem break which requires me to study a lot for upcoming tests.. that is why I wasn't able to do full editing and yea, this is the temporary look I chose.


Design is the most important thing to make a blog look great as whole. A whole here includes the content and public perception towards blog owner. As for example, if the blog has musical touch in it, that shows the blog owner really loves the aura and passion towards music. If that person is using red or striking colour, he or she is someone with great determination and brave. Agree? 


Catchy post title would probably attract readers to read the content. This is what magazines publication company always take part in. They put such a shocking headline as highlight but actually the content does not that surprising y'all. Well, that's what we called as marketing strategy. I still remember one shocking headline I've read during high school, it was "Ina Naim buang seluar" lol I thought about sth teenagers aren't supposed to imagine at that time but when mama read the content, she told me that "Ina Naim dah taknak pakai seluar lepas ni, dia nak berubah pakai kain je memanjang" Ohmaigod. What a great headline! 


From my point of view, besides doing honest post about blog owners' feelings, thoughts and preferences there should be certain posts which need to be meaningful and useful for readers to come back and read the next posts. Even though there are topics or news which have already been spread to whole world and there are many people keep on voicing out their opinions towards them, you can still be one of them. We never know there are people out there who will read your post and consider your opinions right? Oh and tbh, one thing that bloggers are supposed to do is writing from the heart. Our heart speaks very well in the language of mind ☺


I believe that to make a story more convincing, people would love to relate it with few imaginations. Photos are indeed the best imagination a writer could give to readers. As a blogger, I sometimes get ideas to blog by looking at pictures in tumblr or pinterest. Just now, a picture about honesty reminds me of my friends and I'm going to update quick post about friendship later!


This one is a must. Readers have their own preference whether they liking the post or they might not satisfy with the writing. We all need to be open minded and let them judge. I would love it if people drop by my blog and comments because I feel appreciated. Wow, people read what I wrote! Greet our readers cheerfully, express how thankful we are and accept their wise opinions. This is the key to become a better writer. (I'm so sorry I do not put any chatbox in my blog YET. I would be very thankful if you guys drop by and leave comments at latest post of mine)

I'm so sorry for not being able to make my blog look fascinating like others. I would like to go for a vintage look but I am stuck between vintage and plain striped that looks more matured. InshaAllah, soon. I prefer writing compared to editing right now 😁

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