Saturday, 14 January 2017

Thoughts about 31 Days Blogging Challenge


Done my 31 Days Blogging Challenge. After so longgg; even though we are already in 2017. I have barely completed this challenge with hope that every updates are within the track and far from nonsense. 

At first, I was so excited to start blogging again after taking such lengthily absence. I took this challenge as a chance to be active again but I gave up on being consistent on making daily updates when I was not even halfway through the challenge tho. Haha. I failed :( 

It was hard when there were so many posts that have been left behind and need to be covered up so that the upcoming posts could be finish on time. Although I failed to show my achievement in becoming so discipline and persistent, I think it is exactly true that I am always be easy-going with myself. I finally know myself better than before. Ihiks.

I decided to take this challenge because I don't think there will be big chances for me to do this challenge in the future. Those questions were also kinda difficult because most of them were asked by my friends and batchmates. Most of them are not bloggers so they didn't know that this challenge requires simple questions. Nahhh, they dropped such longggg Q&A questions but I've answered everything already I don't mind. At least you guys were so kind to ask 😃

I am thankful that this challenge actually helps me to gain more followers from time to time and make new friends with fellow bloggers. Thank you so much everyone!