Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Lately, I've been dreaming about many good things. Good things that will happen soon or later than I expected. Hopefully, everything will happen at the perfect timing. For now, I understand that everything takes a little patience and faith. I always believe in Allah's plan.

Working life. What does it feels like to get paid well constantly? What stage of satisfaction level you are in when you finally receive income based on your own effort? How you manage your income and fulfill your to-do-list with that income? What feelings do you have when you can go shopping and buy lots of clothes, new shoes and latest brand of handbags?

Marriage. What does it feels like to have a partner who can take good care of you? Who will always be there for you through thick and thin after your parents and family members. Who you trust and love wholeheartedly. Who will wipe your tears and listen to your problems most of the time. Who will be your forever laughing gas and keep you strong.

Becoming a mother. What pregnancy is like? Does morning sickness and other pains during pregnancy are so uncomfortable like having double period pain? What does it feels like to give birth for the first time? Are you confident to have more kids in the future? How does it feels to raise your own kids, feed them well with unconditional love and watch them grow up?

I believe that at this age, it is not only me who keep on thinking about all of these. I'm 21, still young, wild and free! ☺ It's just that a friend of mine just gave birth to a cute baby girl and that makes me feel like marrying somebody out of nowhere. Haha. Well, I know marriage isn't a piece of paper. What's important now is my target to graduate with flying colours and spend my own income on travelling and shopping! Thank you for reading :)

Good bye February!

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