Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Back with cliche excuse

Assalamualaikum 2019.

It's been up to 5 months since my last update. It is beyond my expectation that I'm going to ignore my blog for such a very long time but that's what happened. I seriously can't keep up with assignments as i am in my final year and plus, whenever I had the idea to blog, I became so lazy. Yeah, my cliche excuse...

I didn't get a chance to blog walking as well. It's saddening me that I was not able to read many good sharing from my fellow bloggers. I can't catch up because it was too long ago. I'll just read the latest update inshaAllah..

I'm thinking of doing a summary of my whole tough journey during semester 5. However, I believe  that the root of the story is going the be the same like previous semester so i better not tell. As always, it's about my tough role. I don't know why I became so lost this semester that I lessen my overthinking but the pressure is still there. MashaAllah, if I were to be reminded by all the challenges I got, I would want to skip those hard times. It was quite a struggle for me and the only way was to go back home more often than ever because I prefer to keep everything on my own.

Oh! Almost forget to include here. I have completed all 4 semesters for degree and I'm going to do my internship next semester which starts on 11 February. I am going to do my Final Year Project as well. So I only have 3 weeks to enjoy my last semester break. After this there will be no more semester break because I'm going to workkkkk. Gosh, i'm going to enter career life soon. Time flies huh?

It has only been a week since I ended my final exam but I have started to do research on possible topics for my FYP. I need to keep up the good work so that everything will run smoothly. I also sleep a lot. Haha. Kpop? Of course. I'm excited over new groups that are going to debut this year even tho their ages make me feel so old. 

I'm going to make next update any time soon. Not sure what topic i'm going to talk about. Probably about the preparation for internship. I hope fellow bloggers would still recognize me and would want to read my post hehe..  

Why can't i become a consistent blogger like uols? Haih. 

Till next update! Lavv

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