Sunday, 17 February 2019


Assalamualaikum and hello!

It's me again. Yes I know I told you guys I'll blog before I go to internship training, but as usual.. yeah. I'm already completed my first week of internship and all I can say is that, I haven't get that big picture yet. Well that's probably because I am still new and there is 15 weeks to go and moreover, I don't have any working experience.

I am a HR student but since my supervisor is still on leave, so I don't get any instruction to do any HR tasks and works. So far, my tasks are more like corporate things (attended meeting, made minute meeting, handled briefing, etc.) I even sat at the front desk because they had meeting so they need someone to sit there in case there will be people and guest came to the office. And Kak Yati also got things to settle on because she is transferring to another branch so I was in for that! It was fun hehe

I would say that I looooveeeee to handle briefing more than anything. Because it seems like it is close to what I have been doing all this time in uni. But on my second day, I helped to make calls to 63 entrepreneurs. I never thought that job will be very difficult because I sat there like 4 hours? And made calls repeatedly because not everyone would pick up on the first ringing. I got headache like seriously. Hahahahaha. Making too many calls is so challenging. Glad that I wasn't nervous.

The most chaotic scene of my first week is about making copies or photostate! We have 3 interns and we all know already on how to make copies BUT suddenly when the whole employees in our department is in the meeting, we got intercom from someone (he is in higher position too but in another department) and we were asked to make copies in colour. The problem was we need a password to photostate in colours. If it is black or white, then its okay. But....... gosh I couldn't imagine how miserable that situation was. Another department wont give their password because each department got their own limit for that. I understood. Thankfully, someone helped. Thankyou very much. 

Since then, I lose confidence. I think I will just pursue my studies after this. Haha so sudden right?! I am not okay to mistake. I mean, we are human and we are not perfect but you know, this is just funny to think of. What a foolish things I did. 

I am someone who is already used to workloads. I am willing to burn my midnight oil during studies just to make sure everything will be smooth. And I am also be able to multitask. But here, I think there is not much to do especially tasks related to HR. I'm just helping them in doing simple task. So, I am not satisfied. It is better if they can give me more work to do. And teach me many things that will help me to broaden my knowledge and experience in HR and also give me a better picture on real working environment.

I look forward to my second week. Give me moreeeeee. I need moreeeeeee.

And congratulations to myself, I did well in my 5th semester.


Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to improve myself and to make both of my parents proud of me. One semester to go! Wish me all the best for my internship and FYP! :)

 My first task on my first day 

I can finally wear heels yay


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