Monday, 1 July 2019

Done done!


It's 1st of July!!

Few months to go and we'll reach the end of 2019. Time flies so fast! I think I've been doing great so far. 2 important highlights of this year happened. First is my internship; second is FYP. I have completed both. I was not that satisfied with my VIVA presentation which was on 21st June 2019. I couldn't answer several questions and wasn't really confident. Probably because I was the first presenter and it was so early in the morning. Nervous!! But tbh, I enjoyed doing my FYP because compared to doing it in a group, I think doing it individually has helped me to understand the whole topic better.

I have several minor amendments that need to be done before Friday. I'm still working on it. I also need to prepare 10 pages article regarding my topic for a conference in October. I am going to do both ASAP so that starting from this Saturday, I'm gonna be free. 

As for the internship, I have never had a day where I feel stressful at work. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. We are still keeping in touch with each other even tho it has been already a month since I finished my internship. I received many gifts from the staffs for my farewell and tomorrow all the interns are invited to go to their jamuan raya. Yayyy reunited!

I have started to apply for vacancies. So far, I already applied for more than 30 positions at various organizations. Mostly in Penang and Perak. If those applications are not gonna work out, I'll try in KL area. InshaAllah at least one or two applications will succeed. Aaminn. Please please pray for me. I've been studying for so many years and I believe I am fully prepared for my career life. 

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