Saturday, 24 December 2016

Day 24 #31DaysBloggingChallenge

"Awak, BTS J-Hope and INFINITE Woohyun pergi panjat Gunung Kinabalu. Tiba tiba dua dua jatuh gaung and you mampu selamatkan one of them je. Siapa yang you pilih?"


The first thing I did after reading this question was.. sighing. My two favourite bias. Haih :( Although I need to update this post on the 24th day but this question keeps on playing on my mind and making me feel worried all the time. I keep on thinking about the wisest way to choose both of them but I failed.

Okay, I have decided to choose... *drum roll please*

Nam Woohyun.

I choose Woohyun because I'm a loyal person. That's it. I am going to highlight 'loyalty' as the only reason for choosing him to be rescued. If it's not because of loyalty, I seriously cannot decide. Woohyun caught my heart first which was at the end of 2014. Meanwhile, for J-Hope, it was this year. Early 2016. lol guess who's talking. She is just a fan anyways. Hahahahaha.

Talking about loyalty, I can't stand someone who is unfaithful and can't be trusted. I don't get why people come and left just like that? You know, when you were having so much fun together but suddenly everything seems so dark that wonderful memories turn 360 to such bad existence to be remembered. That's so yucks!

Having many bias doesn't mean you forget one after liking another one. If I were asked about their personality, I'll say both of them have great personality and image. If not, I don't bother liking them aite! 😅😆


  1. Wah, I don't know what to say. I have to admit you answer touched my heart. Thank you dear for everything. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Wish you all the best. Fighting!

    1. No, biasa je but thanks aina! You should compare my posts dgn other bloggers, then you'll see there's so many things that i need to learn abt blogging :D

  2. Siqah tak kenal mereka berdua. Cuma pernah dengar kumpulan BTS dan Infinite :)
    I love your reason - loyalty. Dan tak suka orang tak setia jugak! Tak setia satu, pastu sorokkan hubungan dan berlagak macam takde apa2, fuhh sampai hati.
    Sepandai mana tupai melompat, akhirnya jatub ke tanah juga kan :) Macam dah topik lain pulak rasa ����

    Btw, siqah dah jumpa button follow. Hihi. Dah folliw sini. Jemput follow my blog jugak. Hii. Salam kenal dear :)

    1. Yasss that's so true. Kita pernah ada pengalaman mcm tu hahaha tepat mcm yg awak mention tu! since that day, kita dah start berjaga-jaga and ambik berat pasal trust issues :(
      Yay thanks followback! Kita dah follow haritu :) Salam perkenalan!