Sunday, 25 December 2016

Day 25 #31DaysBloggingChallenge

"In running, there are two type of runner; sprinter or marathon runner. A sprinter is believed to be spontaneous and get things done in a blink of an eye while a marathon runner tends to take time to finish it until the end. Same goes to writing online, writers either speak their mind spontaneously in twitter, facebook, etc or take time to develop a long essay to actually convey their thoughts. So in your opinion, which one gives the best idea in term of uniqueness and honesty?"

As someone who loves writing since young, I would say spontaneously is the best term to define uniqueness and honesty in writing. As a blogger, of course I need to do further research on few topics related to my blog post at certain times. I do research to figure out the important facts that should not be left out in my blog post so that the content would be far from nonsense. As far as I've known, bloggers and research are two things that are inseparable because doing research is part of blogging essentials, isn't it?

Doing research is indeed a process that takes such a long time and requires everyone to have patience and persistence. However, I personally think that a writing which is based on research is something that shouldn't be called as masterpiece. A masterpiece portrays an outstanding artistry skill of people whom taking every word written as a confession from their true feelings. Their heart and soul are hidden behind their writing.

If you think of yourselves as a masterpiece, that means you are a truly unique one and beyond everything, you are the life of arts empowered by grand existence of truth. These are uniqueness and honesty. See! If you take time to create a great writing it does not indicates the terms of uniqueness and honesty. That is what we called as an art resulted from brainstorming.

Writings which are full of honesty and uniqueness are somewhat connected from heart to heart. I do believe writers who speak their mind spontaneously are most likely writers who always bring a great masterpiece to the whole world 💌

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