Monday, 26 December 2016

Day 26 #31DaysBloggingChallenge

"Pernah dengar tak org buat mistake tapi put blame on others. Contoh paling dekat, kalau result exam tak okay, we put blame on lecturers sebab ajar and kita tak faham. Have you ever been in such situations? And what is your opinion on that. kalau dalam contoh situation tadi tu, should or shouldn't macam tu? And tu bagi ziera sendiri la kan, ziera rasa tu kira mcm kita blame others ke?"

It is so unfair if we blame others just because we want to hide our weakness or disadvantages. This question is really helping in self-reflection actually. Yes, that's true. We are blaming others in the situation. Memang ada kadang-kadang tu rasa macam if he or she acts better than this, I'll achieve somewhat better. Betul, kita memang tak patut judge kelemahan diri kita ke atas orang lain. Tapi tak semestinya, kelemahan diri kita tak ada bersangkut paut dengan orang tersebut langsung :')

Dalam hidup ni, ada dua perkara yang kita kena ingat dan ada dua juga perkara yang kita kena lupa. Ingat kebaikan orang pada kita dan kejahatan kita pada orang. Lupa kebaikan kita pada orang dan kejahatan orang pada kita. Ini je. Once kita berpegang dengan prinsip ni, everything goes smooth and well, inshaAllah.

Blaming others for not helping much isn't the best way to become a better one. Trust me. Sekalipun seseorang itu tak cukup kuat penangannya, tak cukup baik in giving benefits to us either knowledge, experience, etc.  just act like you received enough already and be satisfied with what you got. Be thankful at least because someone is kind enough to help you.

Macam contoh dalam soalan.. I am totally disagree kalau semua lecturers ajar bagus, faham and boleh dapat better results. No. Sometimes, wujud situasi di mana tenaga pengajar yang teknik mengajarnya tak sampai atau tak sesuai dengan sesetengah pelajar menyebabkan pelajar kurang faham and kurang senang dengan results that's why wujud ketidakpuasan hati sampai nak put blame on lecturers.

I've been in the situation until I lose my passion towards accountancy. Up till now, I feel sorry for putting blame on that lecturer. She did nothing wrong. She taught me so well but it was me who didn't struggle a lot and never put double effort into it. I don't mind if that's what written, I have to accept what has been decided for me. I understand that everything happens for reasons.

We never know whether the bad results fully caused by others. It could be your mistakes kan.  It's not like you own this whole world that you can never make a mistake in your life. Even a slightest mistake could probably because of your carelessness. Apa guna salahkan orang lain kalau salah diri sendiri depan mata pun tak nampak? Kalau macam tu, tak berkembang la potensi diri kita as a human being.

Basically if things keep going wrong in your life, try to redirect it to a right path. Putting blame on others ain't help yet make it worse.


  1. Sis penah alami time nak amik SPM dulu. Cikgu akaun takde so cikgu BI ganti ajar akaun. Of course la dia ada knowledge akaun kan. Tp the way dia ajar mmg tak boleh masuk. Sis dah la minat giler dgn subjek nie. So sis g kedai buku beli buku latihan byk2 then keep on doing those exercises. Alhamdulillah pass with flying color subjek tue. Hehe

    1. Itu lagi tough :( Nasib baik you put so much hard work into it. I pun minat gila account sekolah dulu sbb suka mengira :D

  2. you know what, I love the way you write.. haha most of your entry related to psychology ..

    1. Alhamdulillah. I feel appreciated :) Actually tak pro mcm awak in psychology hee kita just taip spontaneously je ikut mood