Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Day 27 #31DaysBloggingChallenge

"What is your opinion about people yang tak boleh tengok orang senang? Sometimes some people sendiri tak sedar dia mcm tu and some people sendiri kadang-kadang taknak pun mcm tu but perasaan tu dtg sendiri. In other words, diorang ada masalah hati, so what is your suggestion or maybe idea untuk these people overcome it"

This is what we called as envy. Being envious sounds healthier compared to jealousy. Healthier here means the desire of making good competition among people. I don't think this one should be categorized as jealousy because jealousy ain't help much in building up your confidence. 

People often treat envy or jealousy as general concept in their daily life. I mean.. you know how people make themselves become so competitive when they see others having success? Sadly true. This has been the beginning of hatred phase in everyone's life nowadays. Actually, one's should have patience in every actions they do, every decision they make. Because we know exactly that we are never good enough. Then why don't we just gotta stop comparing ourselves with others? That's it.

There's only one thing that always get in my mind every time my brain starts to transfer envious into jealousy. Think about how others feel when they are being envious of your happiness, and then put yourselves in their shoes and think twice. What do they feel? If they are happy for you, you'll feel the same way towards them but if they are hurt as the unhealthy jealousy triggered between themselves, don't force yourself to feel the same way as they did. Learn to be grateful for what you got. People aren't same. We have different view, different aims, different preferences, and even different look. Aren't we?

I know how it feels like to be so envious with others' happiness. I'm obviously not a robot. I do have feelings too. At certain times, you gotta blame yourselves for not being able to achieve great things like others. Isn't it? However, as someone who has always need to bear with too much random thoughts, I've always remind myself to to stay put and let's just don't take that unhealthy feelings too seriously. Get a hold of yourself people!

I've always craving for a praise actually. But soon after realizing that praise are causing such hasty judgement on me, I started to be so-so and more easy going with myself. Getting praise won't make yourself happier because of the jealousy others have towards you. The impact of losing friends, and having enemies around you are unbearable. You gotta accept this because of the world we are living in right now. Perhaps this won't end until the world itself ends.

Appreciate your own talent and acknowledge your skills. I believe these help you feel more thankful with yourself ☺


  1. Such an inspiring post :') I always envy other people, especially rich and famous people. I don't hate them, I wanna be like them. It makes me feel like I'm a talentless trash and there's nothing I'm good at

    1. With hope that we can achieve those happiness someday, kannn :)