Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Day 28 #31DaysBloggingChallenge

Choose ; pretty face or pretty heart? And well of course la pretty heart kan. But why? Cause usually pretty face get treats better..

It is true sometimes people are treated differently by their looks. Of course good looking people are treated better. Because we live in the world where people basically judge us by looking at our physical appearance; not our manner and true heart. Having a good look doesn't mean you don't have a pretty heart. That's a bonus tho if you have both. Beauty is subjective. We can never measure how beautiful a person is because beauty is in the eye of beholder. A person's definition of beauty might be different to others. What important the most is official definition of beauty must consist of both, inside and outside.

I'm not that pretty but thankfully, not ugly either. Hiks☻ But I've been in the situation where I lack of good looking side compared to others that made me feel so disappointed with someone who clearly showed her unlikable towards me. That forced me to lose respect on her. She constantly showed that side of her on me for quite a long time and it was so irritating. I don't want to tell further about this because it actually does help me a lot in improving myself whether in appearance or self-confident. But tbh, please guys don't compare people with others because you never realize everyone's hidden beauty. It's not all about outside beauty that matters most of the time.

It is natural for human being to sense beauty at first sight. I feel the same way that makes me feel so insecure when scrolling Instagram's timeline. Photos of good looking people are here and there, You feel that too, right?! However, as I look back and start to flashback those memories of being compared and then I tell myself not to easily feel insecure because we have to fully acknowledge someone's real personality first before making any judgement on his or her appearance. 

You know why sometimes in drama or movies, beautiful people have this being left aside syndrome at the end? Because beautiful means nothing when it comes about manner. Manner controls everything in life. I'm not saying that beautiful people do not have manner at all noooo don't blame me. I'm just analyzing my thoughts based on what drama and movies have showed us before. It is useless to cover yourselves in that pretty face, great body and other physical attractions you have if your manner seems so vice versa with what you got.

Let me keep this simple for you to understand this well enough. Having pretty heart is the most beautiful things that worth your life and the people around you. 'Beauty isn't about having a pretty face it's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul.' Have you heard this before? People won't like you if you keep on dissing others for what they lack of. Nobody likes you if you strictly keep on showing off your good looks but at the same time you are making others feel so embarrassed for knowing you. Having pretty heart means to act in a manner that is socially acceptable. Even without perfect appearance but with good manners, you make others feel so comfortable to be by your side. This is what it means by having pretty heart. How people treat you is based on your manners.

I am no good at having good manners tbh. Sometimes I am being criticized for my look and manners. I need to be better in both. I'm so grateful that Allah grant me this perfect normal looks, good physical and other rezeki that I couldn't feel more blessed. I'm trying so hard to take good care of these rezeki. May I be more thankful and be better at self-improvement in years ahead. Aamin. Whatever it is, don't bother others for not liking us. Take their judgement as the key to develop more success in the future. Everyone got that pretty heart. It's just us, ourselves who need to be aware of our surrounding and keep our manners within the line☺

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