Monday, 12 December 2016

Ideal type of man #31DaysBloggingChallenge

My dream guy would be someone who has great knowledge or someone who will always be ready to improve his knowledge on how to be a good Imam to me ☺

Someone who is not that handsome but has effortless charm. I sedar I am not that pretty apatah lagi gorgeous so I need someone who is in the same level with me. Tapi I bersyukur la dgn nikmat Allah bagi dkt I. Alhamdulillah I sentiasa pretty di mata parents I. Hiks.

Dark-skinned. Because I'm not bright, not a dark-skinned either. Tanned skin perhaps?

A guy who has high sense of humour and good communication skills.

A guy who is not so skinny but muscular type. Muscular here means tegap bukannya abam abam sado.

A guy who is fluent in speaking English. He would probably being able to teach me accent tho. Who knows?!

A guy who is very father or brother like and who is somewhat protective but sweet. I can't stand manja and childish person. So clingy!

A nice guy but a little bit mischievous sounds fun to be with. But mischievous here doesn't mean he is a playboy.

A guy who is confident but not rude. His opinions, thoughts and perceptions must be within the acceptable line. I lost my respect to someone who easily voice out his opinions or thoughts without thinking further about the impact on everyone else.

I prefer a 'practical' guy compared to 'theory' kind of guy. That's why I adore someone who works in a uniform or guys who play sports.

A guy with a height of 165cm and above. Tall guys always look confident and they are more likely have that aura of being a leader. Moreover, I'm a tall girl who loves wearing heels and wedges. Ahah.

A guy who is not sensitive and not short-tempered. Fyi, I take long time to prepare myself before going out somewhere so the chosen guy needs to be patient mentally and physically 😎

A guy who can give more space and respect my privacy but loves and cares for me more than he loves himself.

A guy who understands my career and passion.

A guy who cares deeply about me and never leave me no matter what.

A guy who is faithful to me, who will never cheat on me and always proud of me being his wife and the mother to his kids.

A guy who would never say he is currently busy to me but others.. and who would always be ready to listen to my stories and nags.

A guy who works hard to become a better person in every aspect of life. I do not prefer someone who was born as rich or someone who is already at high position just because he has great family background.

A guy who realize that effort and hard work is the key to a successful life. This type of man for sure does not have the word 'give up' in his life dictionary and of course would never give up on me :')

A guy who would never date me but ask me for marriage instead. His sincerity must be no joke.

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