Thursday, 22 December 2016

Me & K-pop #31DaysBloggingChallenge

The first time I got into K-pop was around 7 years ago. It was all started when my elder sister showed me a live performance video of Nobody by Wonder Girls. Their hand gesture went viral at that time aite! Right after that she introduced me to Super Junior. There were six to seven MV of Suju and some variety show of them. They were so hilarious and a bit naughty. Up till now, their charms are no joke. My bias is Lee Donghae. I like how innocent he is. He is so husband and daddy material. I can't wait to see him active again after completing his military service! 

My elder sister wasn't a fan but she enjoyed watching Korean variety shows especially We Got Married. I was so into it too. My favourite couple was Goguma Couple, Yonghwa & Seohyun. Back then, I only know certain K-pop songs through Astro Hitz. My first ever K-pop songs that attract me to become so passionate over K-pop was Love by CNBLUE. The melody, lyrics, their angelic voices, skills and talent.. everything was superb. Since then I've grown to love other K-pop groups too. FX, Suju, SNSD, TVXQ, SS501, MBLAQ, T-ara, Beast, etc. I have at least one bias in one idol group.

Those groups listed above are less active nowadays because so many rookies are becoming famous from day to day. Some of the famous group has officially disbanded and split due to their personal reason. Oh and most of the idols from those groups are now in charge of producing song, lyrics for other rookie groups in their company and they are currently active in acting too.

I got a question asking whether I am an Exo-L.. I would love to say yes, but that was long ago during Growl era. I love them because they have different charms and personality. Their variety skills are quite good especially Baekhyun. I am still a fan but not that much. I start to put them in my bias list after watching Exo Showtime. My first bias is Xiumin and then it changes to Baekhyun. Haha. I normally become so loyal with my bias but this group I really can't decide. I love Baek because of his voice. His dance is so powerful too. Non kpoppers might mistaken him as one of the dance line. How can a vocal line be so powerful at dance and great at singing at the same time? You kill it baek you did it! My top bias are usually main vocals tho. I love guys who can sing well but lemme tell you, Chanyeol is a bias wrecker. He ends his rap with 'braaahhhhh' with that husky gentle voice in Monster. Tell me, who doesn't melt?!

I am currently and yes, will forever be a big fan of BTS - Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단) but I'm not going to consider myself as ARMY because I realized that I do not deserve to be called like that since I do not go to their concert, I do not buy lightstick, sticker, album, etc. I follow their daily activities, I watch their performance, shows, concert and sometimes I vote for them in award shows. My bias is the choreography leader, J-Hope! He is soooo my type. Very kind and considerate yet so powerful in dancing, rapping and can sing well too (but you can't compare his singing skills to other vocals) He was born with talent and pretty face. I really hope his sexy forehead and black hair will be back again. Please stylist, bring back my sexy forehead & black-haired Jung Hoseok.

I am in love with INFINITE for two years already. They are really good at dancing especially scorpion dance. My favourite song is Back. I can listen to it continuously without getting bored. My ex-roommate can memorize the lyrics pretty well too even though she is not a K-pop fan. Haha. I can't remember how I become so attracted to them but I think it was because of Weekly Idol. Sunggyu is being teased a lot everytime they showed up in that show. My bias is Nam Woohyun. He is quite loud and over confident at times but his voice covers his flaws. You know it is so hard for a fan to ship their bias with someone else but this one, I really hope he'll get married to the leader of Apink one day ☺ I don't mind if there's a rumor saying they are secretly dating each other. Hahahaha. I'm craving for their interaction whenever they attended same music shows.

I am also a fan of Bigbang, Blackpink, Red Velvet, VIXX, GOT7, BTOB, Gfriend, Twice, Lovelyz, Apink, Sistar, and some other K-pop groups which I can't list here. There are so many of them. I love their songs and dance. The latest one is Very Very Very by IOI. Their dance is so cute and chic. Blood Sweat Tears (BTS), If You (Bigbang), Russian Roulette (RV), Hard Carry (GOT7), Whistle and Playing With Fire (Blackpink) are top tracks in my playlist.


  1. Tq for answering my question~ I really enjoy read your post ! :D

  2. Selalu dengar BTS. Ramai kata BtS best. Nanti siqah tengok video dorang. Siqah kalau lagu Korea, layan yang ost drama je. Yang lain, kurang tahu sikit. Hihi.

    Siqah balas kunjungan di sini. Btw, button followers takde ek?

    1. Haah BTS best, sbb diorg mcm complete package hehe. Kita pun layan juga OST tapi tak semua. Adaaaa, belah kanan atas :)