Thursday, 8 December 2016

My biggest fear #31DaysBloggingChallenge

My all-time-fear would be trust issues. I find myself so difficult on believing in people words. You know what type of words I meant. They are all sweet talkers. I dislike the way they easily approach and persuade others with sweet words to be close with them. Even though they are sincere and really want to befriend with each other but I find it somewhat annoying. I've felt this once and I was dumbfounded after knowing the truth. Is it too easy to make me feel stupid in believing those words and take me for granted? Was I childish enough for staying and giving second chance after truth has been revealed? That was so rude and narrow-minded man.

I feel thankful for having such good friends around me who keep on motivating me and help me to overcome the matters but not with trust issues. I read an article about trust issues and it needs me, myself, my willingness to overcome it. Not that easy, bruh. Girls.. You know how hurt it is to realize that you are the backup options among other options for an answer? I was badly hurt but I couldn't show it to others even my family. I have to act like nothing happened and guess whattt! Surprisingly, I did! I've succeeded! I keep myself busy y'all. That's the best way.

But trust issues is something that I still cannot deal with. Wherever I go, whenever it is.. it will always play on my mind. I can never expect how long this will end but hopefully soon. I really wish for a happy marriage with a perfect husband who never makes me feel insecure with or without reason. I want to feel safe by his side. I want to feel like I'm the only one in his heart. I want him to be proud having me as his wife and the mother of his kids. Ya Allah, please grant me this rezeki in the future..

This evening a news of a married couple was being spread here and there and it is related to trust issues. It is about a pregnant wife is being neglected by her unfaithful husband.  However, the wife make a statement that everything posted was all fake and she hopes that public will not make it worse. I find this as something that people should be aware of. Not just married couple, but everyone.. everyone who need to understand that love is worth it.

I'm not trying to be emotional but what if the news is actually true? I mean, this matter becomes hot topics among married couples all over the world recently. Many of them experienced this already and perhaps more couples to come in the future. Urgh. How can you easily cheat on your wife while she is suffering on pregnancy and it is your baby??!!! Remember, you may be unfaithful to your partner now but soon, you will never what is going to happen. You might feel the same way too. You might face the same thing. You might been hurt the same way as she did. 

Trust each other and live a happy life. Be concern and tolerate to each other in whatever problems you guys are facing. Consider partner's feelings. Try to overcome trust issues between both of you, married couple and be aware of anything that may harm your marriage and your family. Protect your love. Isn't marriage is the symbolic of love? So what on earth do you think you are doing? You are not even protecting but leaving scars. Even a school child know the simple meaning of love. Sadly, you prefer to highlight the definition of scars even more..

This is why I am still afraid in trusting someone and his words.. I need a 24/7 relationship without the need of feeling insecure around him. And you, the owner of fake account, how can you play with other feelings? Others life? Don't disturb their happy life! They are going to have baby soon. Let's just pray for the best..

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