Saturday, 10 December 2016

Worst habits #31DaysBloggingChallenge

My number one worst habit would be SLEEPING FOR HOURS! Yay who's with me yay! I can sleep for more than 15 hours per day during girls' special days even though I realize that it is unhealthy to sleep during daytime and it is not good for Muslims especially girls because the morning after Subuh is  the time when Allah open his pintu rezeki to us. What's worst is I cannot sleep at night and back to sleep again after Subuh and yes ppl, I repeat that schedule everyday. It is difficult to stay awake during daytime if you have such repetitive sleeping schedule like an owl unless,you can bear with the sleepiness for hours to get back to the normal sleeping schedule. I was like that for more than a month. Everytime I tried to stay awake for the whole day, I failed. I got headache! Thankfully, one day I was able to have normal sleeping schedule but I can't remember the exact reason. Don't try this at home guys. This is the worst ever! I need to maintain my current sleeping schedule to make sure I can wake up early which is before Subuh, to have breakfast together with family members and also... to do house chores 😅

EATING AGAIN AFTER BRUSHING TEETH. This one is so unavoidable. I cannot hold myself for not having snacks late at night. I often sleep early which is right after Isyak and I will wake up around 4.30am and suddenly feeling hungrehhhh. Back then during diploma, I used to sleep late to do revision. I brushed my teeth quite early but ended up.. you guys know what I mean ⌣

Next one, worst habit which ranked number three is.... ANTISOCIAL?? I would prefer checking my phone while lying on my bed, hugging my bantal busuk and ignore everyone around me. After class ended, these are the things I did. People mostly my roommates thought that I am antisocial but I don't think so. I have many friends. I go here and there and meet new friends. I do not check my phone that much when I am out of my room or college. I need some privacy time at room that is why I act like that. Don't simply judge me like you've known me for years, buddies. I involved in society and that requires me to stay outdoor most of the time. I rarely got time to have rest and even sleep so yea.. I beg for your understanding :)

I finally voice out my worst habits. What's yours?