Thursday, 2 February 2017

What's wrong with fangirling?

I hung out with my jimba-mate last weekend and suddenly I had the intention to seek for the truth. We were in the car. She drove me back home.

Wowww. The truth y'all. Isn't this sound serious out of nowhere?

I asked her, "Have you ever be concern with my tweets?"

"Which tweet?"

"Kpop stuffs"

"Not even once"

Uhh guys. She's definitely a real jimba-mate. Hahaha.

"I rarely scroll my timeline. I tweet whenever I feel like tweeting."

Oh okay. I felt better with that answer. Haha.

She's not a newbie tho. She signed up for twitter years ago and for sure she has lots of followers. How can she constantly check on my tweets? Oh and she's a non K-poppers btw. Hiks.

I am different. My current twitter account is the 5th one I guess. Haha. I often deactivated my twitter account because of personal issues. I got few number of followers (curently 180++) and I followed around the same numbers too. So it's clearly easier for me to check on others tweet on timeline.

Okay back to the story.

"Does fangirling over those K-pop idols make me look pathetic all the time?"

"Noooo. Who said that?"

Aww so sweet. You guys should take a look at her reaction.

That reaction. While driving. As a good friend of mine, I'm blessed.


"I feel sad and sometimes I think I look pathetic somehow I had no idea of what others think of me going crazy over those idols and making myself looks like an all time loner"

"Everybody has their own interest and passion. Not all fangirls out there are single"

"But you know I am"

"That's good. At least you won't have to feel insecure with your real life partner. He might feel distant when you're currently obsessed with idols"


Eyy isn't that childish? Not me. You.

"Let them think what they want. You can't stop others from judging you. Buat lah apapun selagi mampu selagi belum puas asalkan tak melampaui batas"

She's right. I know my limit. Well, I know marriage and kids would be the biggest obstacles for me to continue fangirling in the future. Let me enjoy this fangirling life before I have to give it up someday.

 Bawal kind of day


  1. Ur friends is so cool, friend will support each other!

    XX Atheera | XX

  2. Selagi ada masa....Sentiasa dalam batasan... Yang penting bahagia dan happy...

  3. Tak kisah pun. Lagipun ziera post di Twitter. Hehe. Masing2 ada minat sendiri. Layankan je. Mana tak suka tu bolelah unfolllow ye tak? :D Janji ziera happy :)

    1. Ala tp bila org unfollow kita pula jd tak sedap hati kan hiks, :D

  4. Kpoppers are not pathetic tapi kalau yang jenis obses TERLAMPAU tu rasa nak tampor je hahaha

    1. Hahahaha thankfully, haven't reach that level of obsession yet :)

  5. Precisely! as long as we keep being our true selves & keep doing & enjoy things that make us happy kan, anyway i was a fan of kpop too but not really a huge fan yet i enjoy seeing people fangirl/boying with kpop thingy :D

    New Update: Random ft SPM result countdown

    1. So true! I need to enjoy doing my fav things since i still hv the chance to do so :) tq for dropping by

  6. I don't mind fangirling but if it is until the point that you stalk your bias and leave hate comments on others, BYE. lol

    1. Hahaha itu bukan fans, but anti namanya kan!

  7. eyyy so sweet and cute lah you guys. Been there and still fangirling but not that much. Busy with works and adults life. Be happy at your current phase :)