Sunday, 4 February 2018

Convocation Day


As I promised, I'm gonna do an update about several events that happened during my third semester and here it goes.. my convocation day! This takes place on 22th of October 2017 at UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak. It was my very first experience to attend my own convocation and indeed, a memorable one.

I went there on Wednesday, 18th of October by ETS. I came 3 days earlier than the actual date because of rehearsal and of course, pre-convo shoot with le girls. We didn't hire any pro because we were pro enough lol kidding. We decided not to waste our money obviously. My friends and I slept over our bff's house at Teluk Intan.

The next day we all went to Seri Iskandar to take our jubah and the photoshoot beginsssss!

Although we were all tired after an all day becoming a non-paid models, we struggled to complete our assignments too at night. I was doing my journal summary and the others were busy with statistics and personal task. The date was so near to upcoming tests and submission date. We all can't help it but to 'multitask' the feelings inside and go through everything like..... ok let us just go with the flow. 

My parents came on Friday if I am not mistaken. My bro in law drove all the way from Seremban to Teluk Intan to pick me and drove again to SI. We all gathered at my friend's homestay until my convocation day. Thanks a lot for making everything easier since the start Zati :) Mama insisted to go to Teluk Batik so we took this chance to actually go there on Saturday. They meet their old friends there while my siblings and I were enjoying scenery in the car. Haha. It was super hot so we need air cond lol.

It was great to have a reunion with the batch! Most of them meet each others a lot because they pursue same courses and are studying in the same campus. I am quite special (i bragged about this a lot btw) because it is hard to meet me because I'm too far from them. We would never know when else we could gather together like this but inshaAllah, Allah gives us more rezq like this in the future. Thank you for another memory everyone! Thank you mama abah family for making this dream came true! Lavvv


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